Team Building Programme Singapore


Achieving Team Success
- Achieving Greater Success through Teamwork
Duration : 2 days


Everyone is different. For a team to be productive, it is important for everyone to understanding and build on differences.  The ‘Team Success’ is specially designed to help teams to create a better understanding of the different personalities and work values among the members.


  • Understand their own strengths &  weaknesses
  • Appreciate the different personalities & work values in the team
  • Communicate effectively and develop good working relationship with other team members with different personalities
  • Work well and contribute actively to the team productivity


Part I: Difference 1 – Personalities

  • Knowing myself & my personality
  • Understanding others’ personality
  • Reading personality graphs
  • Matching different personalities
  • Working well with different personalities
  • Excel as a team of different personalities
  • Activity : What is our team personality ?

Part II: Difference 2 -  Work Values

  • Knowing the different work values & motivation
  • Activity : What is our team values ?

Part III: Difference 3 – Caring & Learning

  • Ways of Caring and Concern
  • Different Learning styles

Part IV: Success as Team

  • Developing great relationship
  • Building a great team together