Team Building Programme


Achieving Team Success
- Achieving Greater Success through Teamwork
Duration : 2 days


Team productivity isn’t just about completing all the tasks. It’s about completing responsibilities while reaching a particular goal for the whole team. We offer team building course in Singapore which can be really helpful to strengthen your organisation’s or team’s bond while achieving business success all at the same time.


  • Understand their own strengths &  weaknesses
  • Appreciate the different personalities & work values in the team
  • Communicate effectively and develop good working relationship with other team members with different personalities
  • Work well and contribute actively to the team productivity


Part I: Difference 1 – Personalities

  • Knowing myself & my personality
  • Understanding others’ personality
  • Reading personality graphs
  • Matching different personalities
  • Working well with different personalities
  • Excel as a team of different personalities
  • Activity : What is our team personality ?

Part II: Difference 2 -  Work Values

  • Knowing the different work values & motivation
  • Activity : What is our team values ?

Part III: Difference 3 – Caring & Learning

  • Ways of Caring and Concern
  • Different Learning styles

Part IV: Success as Team

  • Developing great relationship
  • Building a great team together