Creativity, Innovation and Thinking


Higher Productivity through Breakthrough Creativity

- From Bicycle Mechanics to Flight Engineers

Duration : 2 days


To continue to excel in the fast-changing modern world environment, organisations have to be creative and make some breakthrough in their operations and approaches. The “Breakthrough Creativity” Programme is designed to enhance the creativity & innovativeness of the participants. Through fun and interactive activities, the programme challenges the participants to develop a breakthrough mindset, just like the Wright Brothers, transforming from bicycle mechanics to a flight engineers.


  • Understanding fundamental creative principles & ‘breakthrough’ thinking techniques
  • Applying creative thinking tools to generate breakthrough ideas
  • Thinking out of the box & promoting creativity
  • Creating a conducive climate to foster creativity in the workplace


Part I: Understanding ‘Breakthrough’ Creativity

  • Understanding the fundamental principles of creativity & breakthrough techniques
  • Overcoming barriers to creativity

Part II: Generating ‘Breakthrough’ Ideas

  • By paraphrasing the issues
  • By using reversal order thinking
  • By using blue-sky ideas
  • By drawing analogies
  • By combining different thoughts and ideas

Part III: Fostering the Culture of Creativity

  • Solving problems as a team
  • Using team brainstorming
  • Taking different perspectives
  • Promoting new ideas

Part IV: Implementing Innovative Solutions for Productivity

  • Assessing the breakthrough ideas
  • Selecting the optimum solution
  • Gaining support from all levels

Conclusion, summary & action plan