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Business Networking Skills for Successful Professionals
Connect and Grow Your Business 
Duration : 1 day


  • Able to function comfortably during business networking
  • Give a good impression when in social business setting
  • Express greater confidence in starting and maintaining a conversation
  • Know how to build meaningful relationships that meet one’s needs


Part I. Making Networking Your Way of Life

  • Gaining insight on true networking
  • Ascertaining your personal networks and plan

Part II. Giving a Good First Impression

  • Discovering the importance of a good impression
  • Overcoming your nerves
  • Appearing calm and approachable

Part III. Working the Room

  • Mastering greetings, handling of business cards and introduction protocol
  • Finding out how to move in and out of groups with ease
  • Controlling  the close and exit from a conversation with finesse
  • Handling different networking scenarios

Part IV. Essential Conversational Skills

  • Breaking the ice
  • Starting and maintaining conversations
  • Making the exchange more productive
  • Building good rapport with people

Part V. Building the Relationship

  • Proper follow-ups after the networking event
  • E-networking dos and don’ts