Professional Image & Grooming


Business Etiquette
- Proper Manner and Professional Business Behaviour 
Duration : 1 day


  • Project an image that is aligned with the desired corporate brand image
  • Exhibit professional behaviour in all business settings
  • Manage email and other electronic communication with tact


Part I. Greetings and Introduction

  • Handshake dos and don’ts
  • How to exchange and handle business card
  • Protocol for making introductions

Part II. Meetings and Civility in the Workplace

  • Basic meeting guidelines to observe in and out of office
  • Handling interruptions at the workplace

Part III. Modern Manners for Today’s Business

  • Working in a culturally diverse environment
  • Business travel etiquette
  • International business etiquette

Part IV. Minding Your Manners in this Digital Age

  • Email etiquette
  • Common errors to avoid in business writing
  • Mobile phone manners
  • Managing your professional image on social media