Sales and Marketing Training

Consultative Selling

Duration : 2 days


The basis of Consultative Selling for business consultants is to be equipped to work effectively with clients or prospects to solve their business problems. This workshop enables learners to question and listen on how to establish a better understanding of the client’s perspectives and needs throughout the sales call. Participants also learn the value of collaboration and idea generation to identify potential solutions and recommendations.



  • Utilise the linkages between consultative selling and problem solving techniques
  • Determine both the direct and indirect needs of clients
  • Master essential consultative communication techniques
  • Present ideas as a winning solution to client’s needs
  • Resolve & turn objections into client conviction
  • Advancing each client contact and build momentum in the sales process


  • Shifting mindset of Sales person & Consultant
  • Forming a consultative mindset
  • Selling needs vs selling products
  • Essential Consultative Techniques
  • Creating win-win situation
  • Every Consultant’s Pitfalls and building enduring relationships