Professional Image & Grooming


Dining and Business Entertainment Etiquette
- The Art of Growing Your Business Relationship 
Duration : 1 day


  • Able to function confidently at a business meal
  • Handling cross-cultural dining practices and dining dilemmas with tact
  • Give a good impression when entertaining for business


Part I.  Importance of Practicing Proper Dining Etiquette

Part II. Western Dining Etiquette

  • Handling the different utensils
  • Eating various foods properly

Part III. Cross-cultural Dining Etiquette

  • Key differences in dining practices for various cultures
  • Handling dining dilemmas

Part IV. The Art and Science of Business Entertaining

  • Hosting a business meal
  • Seating strategy
  • Ordering alcohol protocol
  • Attending a business meal as a guest

Part V. Talking Business at the Dining Table

  • What to talk about
  • Topics to avoid
  • When to bring up business discussion