Personal Effectiveness


Effective Stress & Time Management

Duration : 1 day


Do you feel that there are too many tasks to do in a day and there is so little time ?

Are you stressed with balancing work and other life commitment ?

The ‘Effective Stress Time Management Skills’ is specially designed with tips and ways to help busy executives and professionals to manage their time and complete their work effectively without stress. The programme will also equip participants with the ability to recognize the causes of stress, interpret the emotions involved and redirect its effects on one’s self in a positive and healthy manner. Through the session, they will learn to manage time and utilise every minute of every day in a way that helps them accomplish their goals and dreams in life.


At the end of the programme, the participants will learn :-

  • Recognize the main sources of stress and the warning signs
  • Understand the effect of stress when managing time
  • Apply effective techniques to reduce stress and its impact on your life
  • Enhance work performance and well-being using the positive energy of stress
  • Better appreciate the value of time
  • Learn how to reduce time wasters and improve time management
  • Use some basic techniques to identify priorities and prioritize their work tasks
  • Achieve more and fulfil their goals with limited time
  • Prepare an action plan of things to do back at work



Understanding Stress

  • What is Stress?
  • Underlying Mechanisms of Stress
  • Common Signs & Symptoms of Stress
  • Types of Stressors

Effects of Stress and Impact on Your Life

Strategies to Manage Stress

  • Creating a Stress-Reducing Lifestyle
  • Mental & Physical Relaxation Techniques


The Great Value of Time

Time Wasters vs Time Savers

  • Major Time Wasters
  • Time Savers
  • Dealing with Your ‘Time Bandits’ Effectively

Strategies to Manage Time Effectively

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Task Prioritization