Personal Effectiveness


Efficient Office Manager

- Planning and Organising for Greater Success

Duration : 2 days


The main office is the heart of an organization. It manages many key functions such as finance, back-end processing, etc. The “Efficient Office Manager” Programme is designed to enhance the management skills and effectiveness of office executives and supervisors so that they are able to provide excellent support for higher productivity and growth of the organisation.


  • Identifying & better understanding the roles & responsibilities of office and support department
  • Planning & organising work & priorities efficiently
  • Organising & managing information & documentation effectively
  • Applying effective interpersonal and communication skills to work well with all levels of people e.g. the management, colleagues, internal customers, external parties, etc.


Part I: Organising Yourself for Success

  • Planning for your work
  • Taking your time but avoid procrastinating
  • Using a checklist to keep track

Part II: Enhancing Your Efficiency

  • Setting priorities right
  • Clarifying before complying
  • Staying focus while multi-tasking
  • Working shorter hours by finding more time
  • Organising your desk

Part III: Managing the Workplace

  • Managing email
  • Handling incoming & outgoing calls
  • Delegating the tasks
  • Planning meetings effectively

Part IV: Managing People & Problems

  • Understanding your management
  • Relating well with your peers
  • Gaining support from your team
  • Managing conflicts and problems

Conclusion – Be an Efficient Office Manager