For All Staff


ES WSQ : Develop Personal Effectiveness at Operations Level
Duration : 16 hrs (2 days)


  • Establishing personal goals and relating them to team goals
  • Managing time effectively
  • Maintain work-life balance
  • Managing stress as well as personal finances to be effective at the workplace


Part I : Achieving Personal Goals & Team Success

  • Set personal goals and align them to team goals
  • Identify one’s role and responsibilities and contributing towards the achievement of team goals

Part II: Striving for Personal Growth & Improvement

  • Build on personal strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • Plan and complete personal tasks to meet team goals

Part III: Maintaining Effective Personal Management

  • Recognise symptoms of stress to maintain work effectiveness
  • Identify work-life balance programs to maintain personal work-life balance
  • Identify and manage one’s existing financial position using appropriate tools