Team Building Course For Supervisors and Managers


ES WSQ : Facilitate Effective Work Teams
Duration : 16 hrs (2 days)
  • Facilitate work team activities and improve team performance
  • Promote ownership and commitment among team members to work goals and targets set
  • Maintain positive relationships among team members with diverse backgrounds
  • Providing support and opportunities for individual and team contributions


Part I: Establishing a Great Team

  • Provide team work-related information clearly
  • Involve team members in planning and promote commitment

Part II: Bonding as a Team

  • Delegate duties and responsibilities effectively
  • Communicate thoughts to influence the team
  • Promote teamwork and appreciating of diversity

Part III: Collaborating as a Team

  • Communicate team goals and targets
  • Provide opportunities to contribute ideas and maintain positive relationships
  • Provide resources, assistance & support for success

Part IV: Growing to Greater Success as a Team

  • Improve team performance through feedback
  • Communicate issues of concern and recommendations to management