For Supervisors and Managers


ES WSQ : Foster Initiative & Enterprising in Teams
Duration : 16 hrs (2 days)


  • Identify areas for continuous improvement
  • Apply strategies to facilitate, motivate and sustain initiative and innovation in the team
  • Identify, evaluate and measure risks associated with innovation and taking initiative at team level


Part I: Foster Initiative for Continuous Improvement

  • Identify possible areas and challenges for continuous improvement
  • Lead and motivate team to initiate actions, ideas and suggestions

Part II: Lead in Innovation & Creativity

  • Assist team members to unleash their untapped innovation and creativity
  • Facilitate team to be self-directed and sustain effort for continuous improvement

Part III: Assess & Manage the Risk Involved

  • Conduct risk assessment of new initiatives on team performance and success
  • Implement & Evaluate risk management strategies to support innovation and enterprise