For All Staff


ES WSQ : Solve Problems and Make Decisions
Duration : 16 hrs (2 days)


  • Proactively identify root causes to a problem
  • Generate and evaluate alternative solutions
  • Make appropriate decisions and taking responsibility for them within circle of influence


Part I: Anticipate and Identify problems

  • Recognise the symptom(s)
  • Identify deviations from organisational SOPs

Part II: Analyse the Problem

  • Identify the possible root cause(s)
  • Identify impact of the problem(s)

Part III: Generate and Evaluate Innovative Solutions

  • Generate ideas using creative & logical thinking
  • Evaluate selected ideas using pertinent criteria

Part IV: Implement the Solutions

  • Develop an action plan for implementation
  • Communicate chosen solution(s) and action plan

Part V: Evaluate & Review the Solutions

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the action plan
  • Identify preventive measure(s)