Team Building Singapore


ES WSQ : Work In A Team
Duration : 16 hrs (2 days)


  • Define own, individual roles and work within the team and organization
  • Listen to and contribute ideas and skills using appropriate communication techniques, and demonstrate trust, respect and support towards team members to achieve team goals
  • Identify conflicts and methods to overcome them, taking into consideration diversity issues, resolve and concerns through collaborative activities with supervisor


Part I: Forming a Great Team

  • Setting & be committed to your team goals
  • Identifying and understanding your team roles

Part II: Storming and Bonding as a Team

  • Communicating and sharing openly
  • Listening and contributing ideas and skills
  • Building trust, respect and support

Part III: Norming and Collaborating Together

  • Identifying potential conflict in the team
  • Collaborating and resolving issues together

Part IV: Performing and Growing to Greater Success

  • Responsible to work and committed to excel
  • Accepting and providing constructive feedback
  • Recommending improvements proactively