Spreading Gratitude


Gratitude Journaling for Authentic Connections
Duration: 3.5 hours


All staff


  • Improve tolerance & patience levels, build mutual positive thoughts for better working relations
  • Self-Reflection: Learn how penning down about appreciation for others and self is a powerful way of improving overall mental state, moods, and translate to relationships with others
  • Personal Growth: Increase creativity, patience, sense of achievement and confidence
  • Bond Teams: Fun and therapeutic activities relax moods and create common experiences to remember and connect with each other
  • Encourage gratitude and genuine appreciation: Through hand-creating personalized journals to show appreciation for others



  • Sharing on benefits of gratitude journal in finding the blessings in a hectic work environment
  • Hands-on overview, introduction to sustainable materials and safety precautions for using tools


  • Individual work, with guidance and tips
  • Hands-on activity of making a “Personalized Journal” (with individual’s name printed on the cover of the journal)
  • Groups of 3-4 pax write personalized notes in journal and what they appreciate about each other
  • The writing of appreciation notes in each other’s journal not only increase the team bonding, but also adds to the fun and creates common experiences that participants can use to connect with colleagues