Supervisory Skills Training Singapore


High Impact and Productive Supervisors & Managers
- Making an Impact and Lead Your Team to Success
Duration : 2 days


Supervisors taking on higher-level responsibilities need to acquire skills that are essential for both the individual’s and the organisation’s success. With the fast pace of change, the role of supervisors continue to evolve. In particular, new supervisors are expected to cope with many challenges in an ever-changing environment. This Supervisory Skills workshop will enable participants to more effectively execute their roles and become High Impact and Productive Supervisors.


New Managers and Supervisors


  • Effectively making the transition from non- supervisory to supervisory role
  • Discovering their potential for personal mastery & self-development
  • Understanding self and others
  • Self-confidence and positive mindset for achieving success
  • Internalising interpersonal relationship and effective communication to achieve results
  • Building effective teams
  • Motivating team to achieve goals that are aligned to the organisation
  • Identifying critical success factors for problem-solving and decision-making


Part I: Self-Discovery

  • Knowing oneself – The power within
  • Weight of perceptions
  • Self-talk & Personal mastery

Part II: Supervisory Transition

  • Developing positive attitude and mindset
  • Evoking The ‘Can-Do’ Spirit
  • Building self-confidence & Self-motivation
  • Developing Qualities of an Effective Supervisor

Part III: Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Understanding self and others
  • Applying interpersonal skills
  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Overcoming communication pitfalls

Part IV: Performance Management

  • Organisation’s Vision and Mission
  • Aligning performance and organisational goals
  • Meeting Key Success Factors
  • Managing influencing performance improvement

Part V: Inculcating Supervisory Excellence

  • Building Effective Work Teams
  • Motivating Teams for Effective Results
  • Effective Problem-Solving & Decision Making

Part VI: Personal Action Plan

  • Developing a Personal Action Plan