Supervisory Management


Influencing, Persuasion and Personal Empowering Skills
Duration : 2 days


Many situations arise where you need to influence the behavior or attitudes of managers, superiors, colleagues, customers, clients, suppliers and subordinates. Often, you either do not have or do not wish to use position power. You have to rely on influencing others through influencing, assertiveness, negotiation and empowering skills. This workshop enables you to develop the skills necessary for all influence, persuasion and empowering situations.


Team Leaders, Supervisors & Managers


  • Persuade and influence others to enhance work performance
  • Negotiate and resolve conflict confidently and effectively
  • Empower self and others to be top achievers
  • Maintain work life balance well


ŒPart 1. Power of Persuasion and Influence

  • A study of human nature and behavior as a foundation for Persuasion and Influencing skills
  • What is Persuasion and Influence and the Persuasion Foundation
  • Mental Triggers (Also known as Laws of Persuasion) and Source of Power
  • Key Facts for Persuasion
  • Commitments and Code of Influence

 Part 2. Effective Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

  • What is Negotiation?
  • Preparing for a Successful Negotiation
  • Types of Negotiation
  • Key Communication Skills for Negotiation
  • The 5 Key Characteristics of World Class Negotiators and Conflict Resolution

Part 3. Personal Empowering Skills

  • Concepts of Performance Management
  • Goal Setting and Managing Feedback
  • Can or Cannot Mindset
  • Take 100% Responsibility
  • Winning Edge Principle
  • Ultimate Success Principle
  • Champion Mindset
  • Employee versus Employer Mentality
  • Work Life Balance