Performance Management Programme


Performance Management
- Manage Team Performance Effectively
Duration : 2 days


Monitoring and reviewing every member of an organisation’s work objectives and contribution is vital to ensure a healthy business. Assessing the improvement and development of each team member can help any organization prosper. Our programme for performance management in Singapore is composed of learning objectives and helpful ways in order to help you assess the performance of your organization.


  •  Familiarize with the Performance Management process
  •  Plan feedback and reward system to achieve business results
  •  Manage risk
  •  Develop learning opportunities


  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Alignment of organization, team and individual goals
  • Models and methods for managing and monitoring team performance
  • Provide regular feedback to maintain awareness of expected and actual performance
  • Manage recognition and reward system
  • Delegation – allocate tasks to team members considering each individual skills, knowledge and experience
  • Resource allocation, deployment and monitoring
  • Models and methods for managing risks
  • Monitor and assess emerging risks that may impact team performance
  • Identify appropriate control and contingency measures to address emerging risks.
  • Learning and development plan
  • Winning Edge Principle for workplace development