Presenting with Confidence


Presenting with Confidence
- Delivering a Professional Presentation Confidently
Duration : 2 days


The “Presenting with Confidence” Programme is designed as a step-by-step guide to participants, equipping them with public speaking and presentation skills so that they are able to deliver a professional presentation confidently. The programme includes a full set of useful tips and technique such as preparing the presentation contents, designing PowerPoint slides and effective delivery.


  • Acquire the basic skills for delivering a professional presentation
  • Present confidently to the target audience
  • Avoid making common and basic presentation pitfalls during presentation
  • Deliver presentation competently and professionally


  •   Preparing for the Presentation
  •   Understanding the presentation
  •   Analysing the audience & their expectation
  •   Organising & structuring your ideas
  •   Supporting your ideas
  •   Developing effective visuals
  •   Preparing the logistics & arrangement
  •   Effective Delivery
  •   Having a good start
  •   Speaking confidently
  •   Involving the audience
  •   Handling questions
  •   Ending the session well
  •   Presentation Practice