Presenting with Confidence


Presenting with Confidence
- Delivering a Professional Presentation Confidently
Duration : 2 days


Your business presentation may be your ticket to getting close to your goals. Ensuring that your team are well equipped with the proper presentation skills is important. Our presentation skills training in Singapore includes Presentation with Confidence programme, which is a systematic guide to deliver a professional presentation confidently. This training also covers a set of useful and effective preparation of presentation and delivery.


  • Acquire the basic skills for delivering a professional presentation
  • Present confidently to the target audience
  • Avoid making common and basic presentation pitfalls during presentation
  • Deliver presentation competently and professionally


  •   Preparing for the Presentation
  •   Understanding the presentation
  •   Analysing the audience & their expectation
  •   Organising & structuring your ideas
  •   Supporting your ideas
  •   Developing effective visuals
  •   Preparing the logistics & arrangement
  •   Effective Delivery
  •   Having a good start
  •   Speaking confidently
  •   Involving the audience
  •   Handling questions
  •   Ending the session well
  •   Presentation Practice