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Professional Telephone Skills
Duration : 1 day


The Professional Telephone Skills workshop is specially designed and customized to enable participants to

  • Efficiently obtain information, deliver messages and gain commitment to further organisational objectives in a professional manner.
  • Learn what the telephone should not be used.
  • Employ the best way to manage difficult position encountered over the phone.
  • Handle enquiries efficiently to the satisfaction of both internal and external customers..


Part I: The Importance of Telephone Skills

  • Understanding the needs of a caller
  • The important roles of the receiver

Part II: 4 Effective Telephone Skills

  • Greet with a positive attitude
  • Listening & Clarify
  • Discuss the possible actions required
  • Confirm the arrangement

Part III: Common Telephone Etiquettes

  • Answering calls professionally
  • Dos and Donts

Part IV: Handling difficult calls

  • Different types of difficult calls
  • Ways to handle them