Service Excellence


Serve You Right!

- How to Give Great Customer Service with Little Effort

Duration : 2 days


Most service personnel know what great service is, but still they may not even provide good service in their jobs. This gap is not due to a lack of skill or service competency but rather a lack of a genuine service mindset.Therein lie the reasons why many customer service trainings failed to produce results……………

SERVE YOU RIGHT! teaches participants how to give great customer service with little effort. The workshop equips the participants with a strong service mindset by providingthe awareness, clarity and skills they need to give consistent top notch service. The Workshop brings forth this awareness by experiential learning. This is done by having the participants build their own Service Excellence Model based on their experience of what is good and bad customer service. They then gain clarity of what to do in their jobs by creating specific strategies, procedures and the “next steps” based on the created Service Excellence Model. This process aims to establish good customer service habits in them as a foundation to build a solid service mindset.

This program is designed to convert service providers to SERVICE PROFESSIONALS who readily create great service experiences for the customers that go beyond text book knowledge and techniques. As service professionals, they will help create a positive service culture at the workplace.


  • Understand the importance of providing excellent service
  • Build service models describing excellent and terrible customer service
  • Improve their level of customer service through their own experiential learning
  • Determine customers’ standards for service excellence
  • Establish specific behaviors that will create pleasant customer experience
  • Use positive words, tone and body language with customers
  • Transform from a service provider to a SERVICE PROFESSIONAL


1.   Understanding Customer Service

2.   A study of human nature and behavior as a foundation for great service

3.   Service Excellence

  • How does your company benefit?
  • How do you benefit?

4.   Employer versus Employee Mentality

5.   Perception Points in the Service Cycle

6.   Customers’ standards for service excellence

7.   Hierarchy of Service Standards

8.   Know your Products and Services

9.   Know your Customers

10. Know your Organization’s Systems and Standards

11. Effective communication techniques and service language

12. Identifying and addressing customers’ needs

13. Identifying opportunities for personalized service for customers

14. Seeking customer feedback and improve service

15. Building customer loyalty

16. What is “Going the Extra Mile”?

17. Service Breakdowns and Service Recovery

18. Reflection and Sharing

19. Service Excellent Model

20. Action Plan and Commitment

21. Transformation from Service Provider to SERVICE PROFESSIONAL

Conclusion – SERVICE EXCELLENCE doesn’t happen by chance. It takes effort and pride to make it happen. Make it happen for your customers!