Creativity, Innovation & Thinking


The Power of Positive Thinking

Duration : 2 days


When you are positive, your brain becomes more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient and productive. A decade of research shows that training your brain to be positive at work fuels greater success. In fact, 75% of job success is contributed not by intelligence, but by one’s optimism, positive thinking and ability to manage energy and stress positively.


  • Understand why people are mostly negative
  • Understand why it is so important to be positive
  • Make the paradigm shift to be positive and take positive actions at work


  • Why are you thinking negatively?
  • Controlling your self-talk
  • RAS – Reticular Activating System
  • Self-Concept
  • Can-Do Attitude
  • Resources versus Resourcefulness
  • 100% Responsibility
  • Event + Response = Outcome
  • Employee versus Employer Mentality
  • Belief and Desire
  • Ultimate Success Principle
  • Champion Mindset
  • Winning Edge Principle
  • Conclusion