Communications and Interpersonal Skills


Win-Win Communication for Greater Success

- Applying Win-win Speaking and Writing

Duration : 2 days


Everyday, organisations are overloaded with many phone calls, enquiries, written and email requests from the public, customers, suppliers, colleague, etc. The “Win-Win Communication” Programme is designed to equip participants with communication skills to offer clear and concise replies that reduce misunderstanding, reworks and redundancies. It will also help to project a professional image for the organisation and create a positive customer service experience.


  • Communicate effectively by verbalising their thoughts appropriately
  • Express themselves correctly and professionally
  • Use correct English expressions instead of Singlish
  • Improve grammar & writing skills in emails & business letters
  • Improve quality of written communication
  • Project a professional image
  • Create a positive customer service experience
  • Say “No” positively & professionally
  • Express goodwill and initiate win-win engagement


Introduction – The Importance of Applying Win-Win Communication at the Workplace

Part I : Win-Win Speaking

  • Listen to Understand
  • Clarify & Confirm
  • Applying the 7 Principles of Effective Communication
  • Avoiding Common Errors in Spoken English & Reviewing Singlish
  • Saying ‘No’ Professionally

Part II : Win-Win Writing

  • The Importance of Good Business Writing
  • Professional Guidelines to Writing Email & Business Letter
  • Applying The Art of Good Business Writing
  • Grammar & Common Writing Errors
  • Writing Win-Win Replies


  • Summary
  • Writing Practice